Staying Strong!

Ever stayed strong for either a reason or two? It may seem simple but it’s a whole lot of complications and tough combinations. When you hear staying Strong,you may start to think it’s a storm, and you are amidst it, but it’s wide depending on your perspective. 

You can stay strong from any situation. When you ate stuck up in traffic, when you are sick, when you just missed a flight, an exam or even lost your partner in a break up. The situation may be hard, but stay strong. Strength is not how you withstand the storm, but how you stand in the rain. Strength starts within you, in your heart. 

Sometimes we let our thoughts think for us and think that is strength. That is not strength. It is the ability of the heart to blend and encompasse the surrounding situation at hand. 

Let situations around you not be the start of your worries. Situations are phases that come and go. Stay strong in every phase and wave. 

That’s the power of strength.


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